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Most Gnomes are easily identified, though some may try and disguise their appearence (see example below). Gnomes are usually an average of 15 centimeters tall, but with its cap on it appears much taller. Their feet are somewhat pigeon toed which gives them an extra edge on speed and agility through the wood and grass. An active male Gnome weighs approximately 300 grams, more sedentary (this is where the original phrase "couch potato" came from) male Gnomes may weigh as much as 400 grams. Female Gnomes will not voluntarily give weight numbers.


Gnomes have a human-size heart, live for about 400 years and are in their prime of life at 275. The male Gnome wears the traditional peaked red cap, blue brown-green pants, and either felt boots, birch shoes, or Chuck Taylors. Around his waist is a belt with a tool kit attached, holding a knife, hammer, flask, GPS, etc. They are fair of face, though the boast rosy red cheeks, hence the flask. Long beards adorn their faces and turn gray far sooner than their hair.

The female wears gray or khaki business type clothing with black-gray knee socks and high shoes or slippers and never wears undies. Before she is married, she dons a green cap, after she is married it does not matter. Prior to marriage her hair hangs seductively down, her outfit is complemented by a green cap and jewelry, makeup and bustierre. After she marries it does not matter.

Unabashed disguises