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Life as a Gnomer


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The Life of a Gnomer - it is not just a walk in the park. It is a game of wits to out strategize another human who thinks he (or she) is bigger and badder than you and has certain inalienable Gnome rights.

Gnoming History
Gnomer Motto - Saving one Gnome at a Time, even if it will take forever, which in Gnome terms is about 400 years.
Here is short video put together by one of our affiliates.

Gnoming has been in existance for hundreds of years and while Gnomers remain for the most part anonymous, the power that they and their Gnome friends silently embrace is about to transcend us all into the twenty first century. That is until someone shows up in Gnome attire, tacky, very tacky.



Gnoming Background -
What is Gnoming, really.

If you would like to receive Gnoming how-to's please email us from the contact page. After a thorough background check, biometric screen, sobriety test, psychiatric profile and what not. Maybe then, and only maybe, we will send you some information. I did say maybe.