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From the Gnomer Underground -
Ridiculed as troll like little trouble makers, laughed at by the small minded majority, the misGnomer about Gnomes continues and the Gnomers are here to stop the madness.
Countless Gnomes live in gardens around the world. For too long we have let our neighbors usurp the rights of these gentle woodland creatures.
Gnomers are here, leading average lives as productive citizens. They live among the populas while secretly leading a revolution, well not really a revolution, more like an incursion, well maybe not an incursion, more like a rescue worker who does not have government support or a shiny truck with lights or a place to gather with comrades and cook chili.
Within these webpages you will find a plethora of stuff that will leave you shaking your head. That's right, be prepared to face your fears from far and wide, without any forethought of fanfare or facination of financial fulfillment for the future. Sorry.

Gnew Olympic Gnews
August 10, 2012

Gerrart in his first full vaulting practice, go Gerr, we see Olympic gold.

We suffered our first loss of the Olympics when Gimce was knocked out in the first serve.

The Olympic spirit is all around Gnome Village XXX


Gnome Inpostor terrorizes neighborhhood and Police. This is most likely the work of TROLLS

Gus......Is that you?
This may be a serious violation of Gnome lore, being seen by humans (other than the certified Gnomer). Investigation is underway.
How humans mock our friends......

Olympic XXX Gnomer Update

Geoff is Ready for his Bout

We will keep this page updated as our friends triumph in their regional Olympic Sports. 

Gheff on Assignment in Fburg Virginia

Gheff is assigned to an undisclosed location to look for a possible stolen stroller. No luck yet.